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Deactivation Procedure for the SF350EN
Click on the Deactivation button above if you are experiencing unexpected, intermittent alarms with your SF350EN
Deactivation Procedure for the SF450EN
Click on the Deactivation Button above if you are required to deactivate your SF450EN

Welcome to Honeywell Analytics

SF Detection (part of Honeywell Analytics) is Europe's largest manufacturer of residential carbon monoxide and gas alarms.

Our products are the culmination of over 50-years research and development of gas detection systems.

Where possible, the latest technology is used to improve product performance and reduce cost.

Customer Information Notice (8th March 2012)

H450EN Carbon Monoxide Detectors

As part of routine quality checks on its H450EN Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors, Honeywell has identified that detectors manufactured between 24th October 2011 and 10th February 2012 have been programmed in accordance with an alarm standard that differs from the Type Approved to EN50291:2001 standard and the British Standards Institution (BSI) Kitemark Certification that is shown on the product.

Please click here to download a PDF document with more information about units manufactured between these dates.

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