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Protecting residential applications with leading-edge toxic and flammable gas detection products

For over 50 years Honeywell has been a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial gas detection systems. For more than 20 years, Honeywell has used its gas detection expertise to not only develop the first residential Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm but also to become one of the leading manufacturers of CO alarms worldwide.

Honeywell’s gas detection range is optimised to meet the needs of professionals dealing with residential flammable and toxic gas safety and combine high performance monitoring capabilities with convenient functionality.

Our flammable gas detectors and CO alarms are designed to meet the needs of diverse applications and environments, from private and social tenanted housing to static home parks, caravans, boats, nursing homes and professional gas engineer investigations.

Most of our products are approved to the latest European safety standards and the British BSI KitemarkTM.

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Benchmark Carbon Monoxide detection products

With over 20 years experience supplying a range of battery operated and hard wired CO alarms, our devices adapt to meet exact requirements and provide easy and intuitive solutions.

Our X-Series battery powered CO alarm range offers a seven or ten year maintenance-free lifetime.Three models provide different display options designed to enhance safety in critical situations, including a patent pending alarm evacuate visual indication. Find out more...

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Flammable detection you can rely on

Honeywell’s flammable gas alarms are able to provide up to five years of flammable gas
monitoring and combine high performance, affordability and ease of installation.

Designed to detect Natural Gas/Methane and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas, also known as
bottled gas), our flammable gas alarms meet the needs of a wide variety of users from home
owners to social housing professionals. Find out more...

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We support CO law change and save lives

Honeywell is a keen supporter of numerous national awareness campaigns designed to raise the profile of CO safety and the use of officially approved CO alarms. We are actively committed to reducing the injuries and deaths resulting from CO poisoning and work with government and key lobby groups to evolve domestic safety legislation.

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